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Are you struggling with regularly posting a blog?

Are you bewildered with finding content for your newsletter? Are you frustrated with the time these activities require? Relax! WP Web Wizard is ready to help with our new, individualized blogging and email marketing services for our clients.

Here’s how it works:

  • WP Web Wizard’s content writer consults with the client to determine needs and goals.
  • The client provides content sources. Examples include articles, essays, infographics, and industry-related newsletters, magazines and brochures.
  • The content writer produces a draft of a blog post and/or newsletter.
  • The client edits the draft(s).
  • The content writer polishes and publishes the blog post and/or newsletter.

WP Content Writer generates blog posts and email marketing while you run your business.

Sound good?

New Blogging & Email Marketing Services

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