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“Button, button, who’s got the button?”

Are you sometimes overwhelmed with email marketing? There are many techniques, strategies, and best practices. How do you know what works? Relax. The Button is back!

Do you remember this game? Kids sit in a circle, hands out, palms together. With a button enclosed between her palms, “It” moves around the circle, sliding her palms inside of each child’s palms and repeating, “Button, button, who’s got the button?” It’s a fun game, but sometimes it is overwhelming being “It” and deciding who gets the button.

Buy Buttons in email marketing are trending. A recent marketing study showed 36% of marketers reported increased sales after integrating buy buttons in their email campaigns. Sixty percent more marketers are expected to utilize buy buttons in 2016.

Why are buy buttons popular and effective? It’s like the game. When you get the button, you get to be “It”. When recipients get your email campaign, a buy button tells them what to do. It’s simple, direct and compelling.

Of course, if you prefer assistance with your email marketing, then remember you aren’t alone. WP Web Wizard is here to help you make the most and get the most from your email marketing campaigns. Contact us anytime.

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Buy Buttons in Email Marketing

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