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Now you don’t have to. Gravity Forms Introduces Partial Entries Add-On. This a highly requested feature that allows you to capture data and create a form entry as a form is filled out. We at WP Web Wizard use the Premium GravityForms Developers license on all projects built on the Orlando Web Wizard server. Working with us there’s no need to purchase. We offer fully managed support at WebPowerWP.

With Partial Entries you now have control over when a partial entry is created in your website form. We can help you to utilize conditional logic so that a partial entry is only created when specific fields are filled out, when only required fields are filled out, or when a predefined percentage of the form has been filled out. We can help you fine tune the conditional logic to best suit your needs.

This is a feature for power marketers and is recommend to be very selective with when and how partial entry capture is used. It is not recommend using this feature on every single website form.

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