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When considering a new website, the web developer may have some variation of a statement concerning the website content. In your mutal agreement; “The client provides all content to the developer.” This means the client, (you) must give to the developer all content.

“All content” means all copy, images, and graphics.
Let’s review these terms:

Copy – All of the written information that goes on the website. All of it. Every last word.

Images – Pictures. Whether you have one or 1000 images. Whether you download them from a free source, a paid source or whether you took your own (cell phone or camera), they’re all considered images.

Graphics – are pictures that have been altered by you or someone else. Graphics are usually created pictures or altered images done by a graphic designer.  Your developer may be a graphic design or may have one on the team. Make sure you know who’s responsible to create the website graphics, you or the developer.

When people visit your website, what do you want them to do?

Answer this question:
“The purpose of my website is _________________.”

When you can complete the sentence, you’re ready to start mapping your website.
Use technology or go old school with pen and paper. Visualize each page. Sketch it out. What copy will be on the page? Will the page contain pictures or does the page require graphically designed images? Will the copy be in the top, center, or bottom of the page? Where do you want the images? Upper right, lower left, center? How big or small do you want them to appear on the page? 


Website map example

Some people enjoy mapping. Thorough mapping makes your website clearer to you and to your developer. Hint: Find three existing website you’d like to emulate then show them to your developer. Tell your developer what you like about each website. This will help the developer understand your vision. Here is a free Google Mind Map Apps: https://www.mindmup.com that may help you map your website.

Getting more organized and completing all the content, the less time your website development will take and sooner the launch date.

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Client Provides All Content? – What Does That Mean?

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