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You create content to build your audience, your community of followers.
Your tremendous asset is your audience and community of followers. The natural world of people are paying attention to what you have to say.
Your community of followers is why you create content. They are looking for interesting, informative things to read, listen to and watch. They want something that makes them look clever for sharing. Your community wants you to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.
If your content supports the community goals, it’s good content. The community decides if the content is relevant or useful. They decide and Not you.

There’s a great transformation when you put the community first

Here are a few changes you will notice when you start putting the community’s needs before your own.

  • Your content will be much easier to read.
  • You’ll focus on things like formatting content so it’s reader-friendly.
  • You’ll sound like a smart, friendly human being who has the answers to some important questions.
  • Your website design will improve when you stop trying to impress others and start trying to be clear with useful content.
  • You’ll answer core basic questions and serve your community.
  • You’ll quit using cute clever headlines and start using benefits statements with results.
  • You’ll see your search rankings improve as you create content that’s actually being linked to and shared.
  • Your sales cycle will become efficient as more prospects begin to know, like, and trust you to solve their critical problems.
  • You will become an authority, the real kind that builds businesses. When you serve your community honestly, consistently, and to the best of your ability, your business will be rewarded.

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